Featured: Pilgrim Academy’s Teacher-Led Learning Initiative

H2H Initiative pilgrim-academy-c3-class-dojo-1 Nov 2016At Pilgrim Academy, you will now find the Collaborative Collective Committee, or “C3,” as Pilgrim teachers call it. C3 is a teacher-run initiative inspired by the Project Zero experience. In this monthly event, teachers present on how they are using Project Zero routines or other practices to their fellow educators.

At a recent C3 event, one educator shared his success using ClassDojo to provide real-time positive feedback to his student phones, keeping them engaged and attentive through class. Many of his peers were fascinated by this, and left ready to try the same.

As Andrew Casler, Dean of Students at Pilgrim Academy, learned at Project Zero, “professional development and learning sticks when it comes from the ground up, from the teachers themselves.” It is through this empowerment of teacher-driven learning that C3 has really taken off.

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